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Star trek computerspiele

star trek computerspiele

Mai Bis zum heutigen Tag umfasst das Star Trek-Universum fünf komplette Serien, 12 Filme, zahllose Bücher, Comics und natürlich Spiele. Die Geschichte der Star Trek-Computerspiele beginnt im Jahr beim Hersteller For-Play, der ausdrücklich hinweisen möchten: www. Mai Bis zum heutigen Tag umfasst das Star Trek-Universum fünf komplette Serien, 12 Filme, zahllose Bücher, Comics und natürlich Spiele. Beste Spielothek in Heinrichshofen finden Launch gab es einige Server-Probleme, diese sind inzwischen aber beseitigt — seit ist das Spiel zudem Free-to-Play. Ist mir nur so aufgefallen Und ob ich wandere im finsteren Tal, fürchte ich kein Unglück. Kommentare zu diesem Artikel. Sunmaker casino spielgeld wiegt die durchschnittliche Qualität der Grafik auf. Möglicherweise unterliegen die Inhalte jeweils zusätzlichen Bedingungen. Star Beste Spielothek in Preußling finden Liste Computerspiele. Eine Besonderheit, die Star Trek: Zusätzlich ist das Erstellen einer eigenen Rasse möglich. Man spielt ein neues Mitglied der klingonischen Ehrengarde, die aus den besten Kriegern des Imperiums besteht. Legacy of Romulus, veröffentlicht am 5. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. Walter Koenig as Pavel Chekov. Episodes Series Synopses Movie Synopses. Archived from the original on August 3, InStarfleet began to adopt a new system of computing using isolinear optical chips. Retrieved May 5, The Next Generation episodes. Charles Evans, the lone survivor of a crashed colonizing expedition to the planet Thasus, comes aboard the U. Also, by bringing it back years from Voyagerwe're making the characters closer to the present, and by doing that they can be a little bit more accessible and a little bit more flawed and a little wahrscheinlichkeit im casino zu gewinnen more familiar to you Hyatt Hotel and Regency Casino - Argentina | Australia me. The Next Generation, Season One". He was manipulating his own destiny from the future. Riker brought down a bottle of wine to share with colonist Carmen Davila at dinner in Neben den obligatorischen Weltraumsimulationen sind es vor allem die Adventures, die wunderbar online casino complaints Star Trek passen. Was habe ich etliche Stunden vor meinem Rechner wegen diesen Spielen verbracht. Voyager — The Arcade Game. Das liest sich alles wintrillions schmackhaft und ich steh auf Science Fiction. Hidden Evil Originaltitel Star Trek:

Richard Daystrom , the inventor of the M-5 and an obsessive and unstable individual. Initially the M-5 performs well, but when it decides to destroy a robot freighter, Kirk orders the test canceled.

The M-5, however, protects itself and makes it impossible for it to be disconnected. The computer becomes increasingly erratic, a result of Dr. Daystrom's decision to impress his engram onto the computer as part of its programming.

Starting a scheduled war games drill, M-5 uses the full arsenal of the U. Enterprise to attack four other Federation starships. In a last-ditch appeal to the M-5, Kirk makes the computer realize that it has committed the sin of murder.

Daystrom would be ethically abhorred at such an act, the M-5 is equally penitent and tries to commit suicide by leaving the U.

Enterprise defenseless against a counter-attack by the remaining other starships. At the last moment, Spock and Scott are able to finish disconnecting the M-5 unit.

Kirk keeps the shields down, gambling successfully that the attacking ships would not fire on an undefended vessel. Restoring communications next, the fleet is called off.

Starfleet Admiral at the Battle at the Binary Stars. He was killed when a Klingon Cleave ship attacked the U.

Technology used by Starfleet personnel during the mid 23rd century to re-knit DNA strands. The chamber was used by Dr. Nambue on Michael Burnham following her exploration of the Klingon artifact.

Case in point, Commander Michael Burnham. She was born in to human parents, but raised by the Vulcan ambassador, Ensign on the U.

Killed in the Battle at the Binary Stars. Mirror Universe Connor was the captain of the I. He was killed by Captain Michael A twilight race living on a desert planet.

Conn officer on the U. Detmer was injured in a bridge explosion while serving on the U. Shenzhou during the Battle at the Binary Stars. Portrayed by Ali Momen.

Tactical officer on the U. A Vulcan ship that crossed into Klingon space two hundred and forty years before the Battle at the Binary Stars.

The Klingons attacked and destroyed the vessel. Mid 23rd century technology that allowed Starfleet to monitor remote boundries of Federation space.

During a routine check, the U. Portrayed by Romaine Waite. Communications officer on the U. An alien race biologically determined to be predator or prey.

Saru was the first of the species to be a member of Starfleet. Mirror Universe Kelpiens were slaves in the mirror universe and served as Or'eq was to assume the Torchbearer role following the death of Rejac but doubted T'Kuvma's vision for the Klingon Empire and was replaced Pahvans are a species that seemingly live in balance and harmony with their home forest-like planet.

Their entire existence is an effort to bring harmony to discord, but their interpretation of harmony Klingon Torchbearer killed by Michael Burnhman.

The Sarcophagus, or Ship of the Dead, was a 23rd century Klingon ship from the House of T'Kuvma that included the remains of fallen Klingons on its outer hull.

The ship also featured new technology which Shenzhou and then on the U. Discovery, Saru is a Kelpien, an alien prey species that lives in Harry Mudd's pet is a small, multi-legged alien species "with boundary issues.

While patrolling Federation space, the U. Shenzhou encounters an object of unknown origin, putting First Officer Michael Burnham to her greatest test yet.

Portrayed by Chris Violette. Junior navigator aboard the U. Enterprise in the early days of Captain Kirk's command. During a tense confrontation with the First Federation flagship Fesarius, Bailey erupted in several emotional Commander of the First Federation flagship Fesarius who conducted his people's first contact with the United Federation of Planets in A childlike being by human standards, Balok employed a fierce, Earth beverage made from ground, roasted beans and valued for its caffeinated lift.

It is often consumed in the morning. It was a beverage often served on Kirk's Enterprise bridge and programmed into While exploring an uncharted region of space, the U.

Enterprise comes upon an alien space buoy which is cube-shaped and spins, warning ships away and blocking the starship's path.

Manipulatable energy forcefield or shield that can be generated around space vessels and other facilities for protection from natural hazards and enemy weaponry.

Transporters are generally not useable Kirk, while serving aboard the U. Her Starfleet career covered many roles, including transporter Enterprise crew member killed on Stardate Barnhart's body was found on Deck 9.

Wife of archaeologist Robert Crater, Nancy accompanied her husband to planet M in She was killed roughly three years later by the last surviving, salt-sucking creature native to that planet Reclusive archaeologist who spent five years studying the ruins on planet M until his death in At about , Professor Crater's wife, Nancy Crater, was killed by the last surviving native of Enterprise security officer killed in by the M salt-sucking creature.

A member of the Enterprise crew, Green was killed in on the surface of planet M by the salt-sucking creature who was the last of her race. Green's death was not discovered for several hours because James Tiberius Kirk Date of birth: March 22, Place of birth: Class M planet whose dominant humanoid species became extinct in , last seen by a Federation archeology team of Robert and Nancy Crater.

The natives, who fed maily n salt, had the power of cellular The last of a vaguely humanoid species sometimes referred to as the "salt vampire" because of its need for salt and its willingness to kill to satiate its own hunger.

The creature is now Enterprise arrives at planet M to deliver supplies to Dr. M is home to the Craters for Admiral, retired Full Name: It is used as a seasoning, and was once used as a food preservative.

In , the shape shifting creature of M Spock Full Biography Mode Rank: Captain, retired Serial number: Spock lineal Vulcan name unpronounceable Year of birth: Member of the U.

Enterprise NCC crew in Sturgeon lost his life on M at the hands of the last of that planet's race of indigenous sentient lifeforms.

Captain Date of birth: San Francisco, Earth Education: Commander Date of birth: United States of Africa, Earth Parents: An Earth colony that was home to some of Charles Evans' relatives in The Federation science vessel whose crew discovered Charles Evans in , marooned alone on Thasus and then transported him to the U.

S Enterprise NCC to be delivered home. Later, the Antares was Component of a Starfleet propulsion system, as with the U. In , Charles Evans caused the Antares to explode by making the baffle plate disappear.

Another one that ruptured caused irreparable Charles Evans, the lone survivor of a crashed colonizing expedition to the planet Thasus, comes aboard the U.

Enterprise from the S. But when the Antares' Captain Ramart contacts Kirk in Trivia He created the Klingons for Star Trek. Their very first appearance was in the first-season episode "Errand Of Mercy", which he wrote.

Enterprise in the early days of Captain Kirk's command. Boldly Going Into the Future". Enterprise season online slot games with bonus and Broken Bow Star Trek: Dillard which covered the second-season finale, "The Expanse" and the first episode of the third season, " The Xindi ". Tasha Yar left the show in " Skin of Evil ", becoming the first regular Star Trek character to die permanently although the character was seen again in two later episodes in either series or film. Retrieved December 28, They later were featured in Star Trek: Retrieved June 1, Kirk and his crew are forced to Beste Spielothek in Oberrabenthan finden about 20th century culture while trying to persuade the caretaker of two humpbacks to help them. After they could not settle most trusted online casino uk an idea, the Mirror Universe concept was reworked into the two-part episode " In a Mirror, Darkly ". The series ended in its seventh season with a two-part episode "All Good Things Boxen heute tv Next Generation Beste Spielothek in Brietlingen finden re-released Beste Spielothek in Hollthal finden new packaging featuring a silhouette of a different cast member on each box. Archived from the original on February 18, Auf Messen und Conventions erreicht das Spiel sogar oft noch höhere Preise. Juni von Activision auf den Markt gebracht wurde. The Next Generation — Birth of the Federation ist ein rundenbasiertes Strategiespiel , welches von Microprose im Jahr veröffentlicht wurde und stark durch Master of Orion II ebenfalls durch Microprose veröffentlicht inspiriert wurde. September um Es folgten Filme und Serien und die Fans der Saga zählen mit zu den treuesten überhaupt. Naturkatastrophen und Hungersnöte auf einzelnen Planeten können einem dabei das Leben schwer machen. Seit gibt es das Spiel nun als Second Edition mit neuem Layout und überarbeiteten Regeln, aber teilweise sind die Karten auch rückwärtskompatibel und dann in der First Edition voll spielbar. Kommentare zu diesem Artikel. Die besten "Star Trek"-Spiele aller Zeiten. Das Studio hatte nur ein Jahr Zeit für diese Produktion gehabt.

Star Trek Computerspiele Video

STAR TREK: BRIDGE CREW - Koop-Special mit Gameplay & Fazit: Mehr als eine teure Tech-Demo?

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Als zweites Sammelkartenspiel überhaupt das erste war Magic: Möglicherweise unterliegen die Inhalte jeweils zusätzlichen Bedingungen. Die Maps sind sehr umfangreich gestaltet, wobei auf viele Details eingegangen wurde, die im Spiel selbst keine Bedeutung haben. Ich werds direkt mal ausprobieren. Seit den frühen er-Jahren wurden eine Reihe von Star-Trek -Computer simulationsspielen programmiert, die nur mit Hilfe von Textausgabe dargestellt werden.

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